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About me

My name is Marimiltes Aparecida Arantes Speridião ( Mari ).Since I was a child the world of small´s fascineted me.People that knows me well would tell about me assiduously watching all episodes of the "Land of Giants" on TV.

I was graduated Designer on college where I have felt in love for History of Arts, Sculpture, Esthetics, Painting.

I started my career working for very important enterprises in product development teams as a Product Designer and colours specialist. My son was born in 1989 so I decided to conciliate professional and personal activities. Since then I have been a designer and craftswoman of small artistic objects and specially a miniature researcher and manufacturer.

Today I have more than a hundred of different miniature models like dolphin, macaws,toucans, ounce, fishes, house, castle, ballet´dancers and other like saints statues, furniture, etc.

All miniatures are cast with no pollutant metal, hand painted under magnifying lenses, very rich in details, varnished wood base and protected by a high quality glass domus. Cast miniature´s dimensions vary from one to five centimeters depending on the sculptured object.

They are excellent choice for collectors because new models are frequently launched . They are a good choice as a gift too and special series can be created under request.

Now following the stream of dollhouses I am launching new product lines cast in Pewter alloy (no lead) and furniture made of steel and acrilic. To know more about it please click on the menu.

Thank you visiting my website.